Murwillumbah Art Trail 2016

Botanicus poster 2 EMAIL

An exhibition by local artists whose work explores botanical themes and ideas. As artists we want to draw attention to the flora that can be found in the Tweed and surrounding regions, from the mountains to the sea, from rain-forests to coastal dunes, and the interactions that are going on in these ecosystems. Some of us have cultivated the craft of detailed traditional illustrative techniques, and some of us embrace more contemporary and/or abstracted responses. We want to plant some seeds in the minds of viewers of our art works about both the beauty that can be found around us while being mindful of more problematic aspects such as the impact introduced species have on our environment.
The nine artists in the exhibition were bought together by MAT Curator Annie Long.
The exhibition will also feature an exciting collaborative installation envisioned by Annie Long and Heather Matthew. The installation will feature contributions by all artists in the show.
Exhibition open 9.30-4pm May 26-31.

Prospero St Exhibition

As part of the Murwillumbah Art Trail, five of us from the Stafford Street Studio had the opportunity to activate a beautiful old ex furniture shop in South Murwillumbah. This was a fabulous experience, strengthening our connection to our community. It is possible that we were upstaged by the building, but we are okay with that.


Old lift
Old lift
Old Furniture Shop
Old Furniture Shop
Pressed Metal Roof
Pressed Metal Roof
Island wall
Island wall
'Pressed' Exhibition next door
‘Pressed’ Exhibition next door
Kids just knew how to do the ramp.
Kids just knew how to do the ramp.


Beautiful room upstairs
Beautiful room upstairs
Impromtu Saw player Phil at the opening



Stafford Street Studio

For the last few years I have been lucky enough to share a space at the Stafford St Studio in South Murwillumbah. Here is a little blurb written for a recent exhibition.

The Stafford St Studio is home to six artists and visiting creatives. In its two years of operation, art-making in the space has evolved and matured, reflecting the many hours of individual work put in and the enlivening dynamics of a collective art space. 

Projects include painting, papermaking, weaving, collage, printing, sewing, textiles, ceramics and mixed media work.

Conceptually themes range from climate change and asylum seekers to  jungian symbology and figurative expressionism. While we each work away on our own creative endeavours, ‘conversations’ between different artists work can sometimes emerge and evolve. For example, handmade paper made from a banana tree in the backyard made by one artist may be used in the collage of another, and individual artworks will often progress after a dialogue with other artists. We embrace the way our work can mirror and respond to each other like a conversation.

And some action pics

Annes Helpers
Art, bike, political comment . (Art by Heather)
Karen in action
Me Painting
Paper Rack (Heather’s work)
My corner
Tara in production
Heather in deep thought
Yarn lady

Travel South

Lucky opportunity to travel and focus on landscape in the second half of 2014.  It was in East Gippland Victoria where inspiration really hit.

Mallacoota islands 10
Mallacoota Island
Incredible Marlo
Cape Conran 3
Cape Conran

Leaf a day

A project for February

Leaf a day 1-2-14 - Judy Oakenfull
First leaf a day – 1st Feb
2nd Feb
2nd Feb
3rd Feb
3rd Feb
4th Feb
4th Feb
leaf a day 5:2:14, Judy Oakenfull
leaf a day 5th Feb
leaf a day 6:2:14 - Judy Oakenfull
6th Feb
leaf a day 7:2:14 - Judy Oakenfull
7th Feb
leaf a day 8:2:14 - Judy Oakenfull
8th Feb
leaf a day 9:2:14 - Judy Oakenfull
9th Feb
leaf a day 10-2 -14 - Judy Oakenfull
10th Feb
Leaf a day 11-2 - Judy Oakenfull
11th Feb
leaf  a day 12th Feb - Judy Oakenfull
12th Feb
leaf  a day 13-2 - Judy Oakenfull
13th Feb
leaf a day 14-2 - Judy Oakenfull
14th Feb
leaf a day 15-2 - Judy Oakenfull
15th Feb
leaf a day 16/2 - Judy Oakenfull
16th Feb
leaf a day 17-2 - Judy Oakenfull
17th Feb
leaf a day 18-2 - Judy Oakenfull
18th Feb
leaf a day 19-2 - Judy Oakenfull
19th Feb
leaf a day 20-2 - Judy Oakenfull
20th Feb
21st Feb
21st Feb
22nd Feb
22nd Feb
23rd Feb
23rd Feb
24th Feb
24th Feb
25th Feb
25th Feb
26th Feb
26th Feb
27th Feb
27th Feb
28th Feb
28th Feb

Byron School of Art

Recently I did a short course with Christine Wilcocks and Michael Cusack from the Byron School of Art. The course was called The Natural World. We went on a couple of field trips. The first was to Broken Head near Byron. I found a nice spot out of the wind and enjoyed drawing outside directly from nature – something I hadn’t done for a while. I started with a drawing of one of the three sisters.


Then a more abstracted version, which lead to some other drawings and thinking about islands – something that might come out in my work sometime later on.


And some drawing from memory’s of the day.




Also this work with pencil which is influencing my current work heavily.


We then went to Minion Falls. I mainly took lots of photos, but also got a bit free and expressive with some ink and natural brushes.


For the next three weeks we worked at Michaels fabulous big studio in Mullumbimby. To start with, we were presented with some rocks which became increasingly interesting. I enjoyed drawing them and thinking about the relationships between them.


It was a great opportunity to do things a little differently and use different materials. I really got into using white ink, and got a bit more painterly than I have been lately.


Rock with dots


Curled leaf from Minion falls.


Mixed Media – An island??


White Ink is on my post Christmas shopping list.


Lucio Fontana styled Christmas beetle. (With gold pencil)



House paint scratched into.



I’m not really sure why.

I guess they evolved out of some circular weaving I was doing.

IMG_0757 IMG_0758 IMG_0759 IMG_0760

Which evolved from a disability craft group and the great stuff that they did.

IMG_0548 IMG_0549 IMG_0550 IMG_0551 IMG_0553

Essentially I fell in love with the round mandala like form. It was effective in providing a structure for the materials I was working with and allowed me to stay present with the materials and see how they would evolve. I also welcomed all the historic, cultural and spiritual associations with circle that came up as I was working. Sometimes a globe or a planet, sometimes maternal, sometimes very deep and spiritual, sometimes cake.