Nature Portraits

October to November 2017 Solo Show NRCG in Ballina.


Here is the text for the exhibition:

Soft, coastal foliage. Knobbly, weathered beach trees. Cultivated mountainsides. Subtropical garden flora, native flowers and tangled jungle vines. These are amongst the natural elements that inspire the works in this exhibition.

Judy Oakenfull is a painter based in Murwillumbah, NSW.  Her art practice reflects on the local environment and her main conceptual focus is the relationship between nature and culture. The works in this exhibition are a personal response to, and celebration of, the nature surrounding us, but also consider broader cultural themes and questions about the human relationship with the natural world.

The works in Nature Portraits seek to interrupt ideas of nature as separate to us, via the use of irregular forms, colour, pattern and the imperfect process of painting and drawing. A hint of anthropomorphism is embraced. Straight lines are combined with curvy organic shapes. Things bulge and pop out and balance precariously. The vulnerability and oddness of both nature and human nature is celebrated. 

Images of Artwork are in more detail in Portfolio section under ‘Nature Portraits’