Botanical Bazaar – Exhibition Sept. 16 2018

Botanical Bazaar Image collage.jpgThis September I will be putting together an exhibition of Contemporary Botanical Art for the Botanical Bazaar Event on the Gold Coast. You can read more about the exhibition and the Artists involved here.

Contemporary botanical art, for this exhibition, is defined as art that responds to the botanical and natural world or peoples interactions with it.

It may be inspired by and respond to traditional botanical art, but may also include more Contemporary artistic techniques and concepts.

It may or may not be interested in traditional concerns of botanical artists . A scientific representational approach may be taken, but other approaches may also be embraced. Contemporary art or conceptual approaches may be explored. Modern art may be admired and extended upon (especially the Still Life tradition). Ecological perpectives may underline some of the work. Nature may just be represented or it could be considered as co-artist.