Recent Work – Floral 2017 -18

All works for sale unless labelled SOLD. Email


Coccinea Composition
Coccinea Composition 40 x 40 cms Oil on Canvas SOLD
Oil painting banksias botanical
Banksia Arrangement 2018 Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 cms NFS
Banksia oil painting banksia leaves
Banksias and Leaves 2018 Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 cms
Oil painting of Banksias and Eucalyptus Blossom
Banksias and Blossom 2018 Oil on Canvas, 50 x 50 cms SOLD
Painting of Banksias and Leucadendrons
Banksias and Leucadendrons 2018, Oil on Canvas 40 x 40 cms SOLD
Banksia Oil painting
Small Banksia Composition 1 2018, Oil on Board, 22 x 30 cms SOLD
Small painting of Banksias abstract
Small Banksia Composition 2 2018, Oil on Board, 22 x 30 cms SOLD
Small Banksia Composition 3
Small Banksia Composition 3, Oil on board, 22x 30cms SOLD
Banksias with abstract pattern painting oil botanical
Banksias with Patterned Background 2018, Oil on Canvas, 40 x 40 cms
Pink Green Succulent 2017 Oil painting
Pink Green Succulent 2017 30x30cms Oil on Board SOLD
Reclining 2017 30 x 45 cms Oil on Board SOLD


Three things
Three Things 2017 30 x 40cms Oil on Canvas SOLD
Banksia and Lotus
Banksia and Lotus 2018 Oil on Canvas 30 x 40 cms SOLD
Two Banksias and a lotus 2018 SOLD