2018 Art Reflecting

1F663808-A5F7-42A3-AEB4-60570D0E91F1Some Art happenings I’ve been grateful for this year:

*So very grateful just to be able to make art.

*Starting my #Fridayflora instagram project, where I do a 20 x 20 flower painting every week for a year. I am currently up to painting number 34 and it has been a really great way to keep my art practice on track in a fairly transitory year. These are posted every Friday around Midday and also can be seen here on my website.

*Moving into a funky container studio at M-arts. (Murwillumbah) This has been a great base while I’ve been housesitting and travelling a bit this year. It’s such a blessing to have a space to work, and also to be around other inspiring fabulous creatives. This has allowed me to work on some bigger paintings as well as the 20 x 20s. It’s also part of quite a big step in being more confident with my art practice.

*Getting more confident with my art practice and putting it out there! (This deserves it own paragraph) Having more confidence – in life and in art and everything really – was what I really focused on this year and it has paid off, though I’ll probably always have to work at it. I didn’t truly realise this was a major issue for me until I went to a councillor about work burn out, so I am grateful to her for pointing this out. (And I did develop the confidence to leave my job!)

*Exhibition of 4 local artists upstairs at M-arts in October. Having my own room made it feel like a solo exhibition, and it was good for me to show what I’ve been up to so locally. I was really proud of this exhibition, and got lots of great feedback.

*Organising the Contemporary Botanical Art exhibition at The Botanical Bazaar festival, it was a lot of work, but I think it looked fabulous and was a lovely day out with other local nature inspired artists and friends.

*Group exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’ downstairs at M-arts (On at the moment over summer.)

*Getting some work into Gallery 7 in Byron Bay. Feel very honoured and lucky to have work alongside Andrew’s amazing paintings.

*Seeing some great Art exhibitions. Where would we be without art! No 1 was definitely the Patricia Piccinini retrospective at Goma. I also loved the Catriona Pollard exhibition at the Sturt Art and Craft centre in Mittagong – For beautiful, minimal nature based art and such an ideallic magical venue (complete with Autumn leaves everywhere in April) Locally my favourite was Public/private at the Tweed regional gallery by Phil Barron. Beautifully crafted heart warming interiors, etc. The Carolyn Delzoppo exhibition on at the moment is also brilliant. And I just remembered the Hobie Porter exhibition at Lismore regional gallery. Just stunning. I wish I had better words to describe these shows!

*Favourite Art books read this year. Decolonising Nature by TJ Demos for reminding me of some of my favourite eco art from the 60’s and an account of current art in this area. Agnes Martin. Her life and Art by Nancy Princenthal. Painting more Painting. An Acca publication/exhibition catalogue with some excellent essays about contemporary painting.

*Favourite Art Docos – Both on Iview. Revisiting the Field. I just loved this so much. Lovely intelligent eccentric older artists having there work celebrated. So sorry I missed the exhibition, but the doco was great. I was also tremendously inspired by the Fabulous creatures documentaries and the celebration of unbridled creativity, reimagining nature.

Have a fabulous, creative 2019!